Dear tumblr social justice community and interested people,

Now really, I don’t give a fuck if some “special” folk find their way to my askbox and shout a lot of nonsense with capslock on. But I love this chance to share a little something about the social justice community. So sit down on my lap and let actualcannibalpope tell you a story.

Today I’ve been called:"TO MUCH OF A HATE FILLED WHITE GIRL TO GET A BOY" , " CHEAP", " LITTLE STUPID WHITE SLUT"  " FUCKING DIE! NO ONE WANTS SOME WHITE OPINIONATED CRACKER FUCKER FUCKING TUMBLR!" "WHITE BITCH" "no one cares about you because you are white " "YOU CHEAP DOE RIGHT? OR YOU ONLY FUCK THE KKK AND NAZI FAGS?”"knowing white girls he already has with a fucking whore like you" (about my boyfriend)  "cracker cunt" "FUCKING WHITE AND PRESSED" "SLUTY AS FUCK WHITE BITCH" bet if we trained a cracker cunt like you youd make a good licker”basic white bitch! She want the black cock”  and I’ve been told we know you now bitch” “we gonna met you real soon”

My now ex boyfriend was called a abusive white baby daddy who fucks other white bitches on the side (because that’s what all white sluts do) they have no idea what he even looks like. 


Why did this happen? Because I dared to have a black man as my icon. (For the record, he is my icon because I like his expression.) I’m not a man either but I don’t see anybody filling my inbox calling me a misandric cumslut. 

That was literally the only reason I woke up to my inbox filled with those messages. That is the only reason I’m a whore that should die and that they’ll come and “find me”.

Lil’ kiddo’s let me tell you what:

This is what creates racists. This is what makes people loathe social justice. This is why people raise their eyebrows nowadays when you screech like a pterodactyl that there is no such thing as reverse racism. This is why people doubt racism cases, and this is why nobody takes you seriously when you want to raise awareness for social justice issues on tumblr. Because you’re represented by subhumans like this flaunting their low IQs around shouting at everyone because they have a unwarranted self importance complex. Because they threaten to come and find you just because you dare to have a icon that is not yourself. 

This, is why many of us hate social justice. And this is why tumblrs brand of social fuckery deserves every bit of loathing it gets. 

Congratulations social justice community/subhumans of the internet, today you officially made me choose my political orientation after staying in the middle for a long, long time. You can take a guess. But I doubt that any of you are intelligent enough to comprehend that your backwards as assfuck behavior will always do more harm that it’ll do good. The only way you’ll ever gain my respect ever again with your social justice issues is when you lick my shoes and suck my hypothetical dick.



A former ally

P.S. If you’re offended by my insults because you think they’re racist, think again. I’m not insulting you because of how you were born, I’m insulting you because of your pathetic countereffective kindergarten moron behavior. Own up to that you sad excuse for a social rights activist.

P.P.S. I’m not changing my icon unless you kiss the ground I walk on

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    Well done, SJWs. Well done driving away another one. You just successfully undermined your own cause.
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